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Our course syllabus is designed to make you understand by doing. Each course is fillled with tasks that allow retention of the material. You also get to engage and learn from your mentor and maters, providing an overall learning experience.

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A Current PHD Student at University of Florida. Also the founder of Alharbi

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Akadyma offers you specialized courses designed by experts in the field of computers, and what distinguishes the courses of the Akadyma platform is that no course will be offered except by only specialists in the field on the theoretical and practical sides, and continuous support by the professor during the course to answer all inquiries during 24 hours. In addition to a forum in which all inquiries related to the course are discussed and information is exchanged by students in one place and they help each other. Also, Akadyma courses focus on balancing the importance of the practical and theoretical side at the same time to achieve the maximum benefit for the student.

Akadyma is an online free e-learning platform. You can enroll in classes. Once you enroll, you will have access to class lectures and live sessions for free.

Yes, all the course content and mentor support is for free.

Yes. This is a 100% online course. You do not need to be physically present.

You need to be a computer science student.

After you register here. You can go to the discussion board by clicking here. Discussion board is to discuss your solutions and tasks given to you with your fellow classmates.

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